Mihajlovic received honorary citizenship of Bologna

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Sinisa Mihajlovic, the boss of the Bologna club Get the city’s honorary citizen status from the mayor.

         The Serbian trainer wrote in his latest autobiography that he had two birthdays, one in Vukova on February 20, 1969 and the other on October 29, 2019, the day he received the transplant. Bone marrow underwent two rounds of chemotherapy and recovered from leukemia.

         While referred to as Bologna’s manager while being treat as well. Mihajlovic recently received the city key from mayor Matteo Lepodre and dedicated this honor to the family, team, ufabet club and hospital staff who helped. he kept” 

         “It is destiny that this illness appeared while I was in Bologna, which had the best cancer research center in the world,” Mihajlovic said.

         “Bologna was also lucky when they called me to help the team survive relegation. Which we finished in 10th place that year.”

         “I tell everyone not to be embarrass if you’re having a hard time in life. That moment is part of your life too. We all have to learn that you are not without problems. But even if there are problems.”

In closing the statements by Arianna, wife of the Bologna coach: “I’m excited, it’s a beautiful thing. That’s how Bologna becomes our second city after Rome, he welcomed us like a family “.