Sir Alex Ferguson ‘s start at Manchester United

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This is the legendary Manchester United manager who has won many trophies for the team. Until becoming a great manager of the club Until his name was taken to the name of the stands of Old Trafford, plus there was a statue praising in front of the stadium.  

One of the factors that made Sir Alex Ferguson so successful in holding the reins of the “ Red Devils ” was his keen eye. In selecting players to enter the team both youth level and the big team Although he had some wrong selection of players. but must admit Most of the time, it turns out to be successful.  

Of course, what makes Fergie Manage the ufabet team for a long time That’s about the youth system. And a network of scouts that are said to make Manchester United a diamond to decorate the first team continuously. By the most famous It must be inevitable, Class of 92. During this time, let’s try to recall memories. Let’s talk about flipping Fergie’s scout system .

Rewind the clock back to the year 1986

Rewind the clock back to the year 1986 is the first year that Sir Alex Ferguson took a job as manager of Manchester United. Replacing the coach old Ron Atkinson to leave the club. On the first day at Fergie come to work with the club He was met with great surprise.    

At that time, the first thing that Fergie do is buy a map and bring it to the ” The Cliff ” team’s old training ground. With an order to summon the team’s scouts to come in to make an urgent meeting in determining the area boundaries For the search for a good star to join the academy.  

However, Fergie was surprised. Fatalities on the ” Red Devils ” a sentinel station at Manchester City just two people. There is a small amount to very much. And it’s almost not a comprehensive work at all. Fergie sees that if this continues. The club must be difficult to succeed for sure.  

that’s because The club has very few youngsters to make their name with the first team. Especially when compared to his all-time rival, Liverpool. That relies on effort and formed many children to decorate the industry This is Fergie. Missing that You must try to narrow the gap there as much as possible.