Steven Gerrard has a long-term plan to manage this old club

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Steven Gerrard, the new manager of Aston Villa, has made it clear that he has a long-term plan to manage this old club. It’s not just a loan, a ladder to rejuvenate before climbing into a dream position like the big boss Liverpool.

‘ Stevie G ‘ press conference, the official position has been to Villa Park by one of the issues being hijacked asking is just to try to get ahead of the baton from Jurgen Klopp at Anfield, right ? The former captain ‘ Reds ‘ answered clearly, do not make a mess.

“ It’s not fair at all. You’ve never heard me say to use this job to climb the ladder. Because personally, I am honored and proud to sit in this position. ” Gerrard opened his mouth.

“ I will show that I am 100% trustworthy or more. ” 

“ It’s not wrong to have dreams , motivations, but Liverpool have a world-class coach at the moment. If he signed for life as now , I would be very happy . ” 

He was touched Klopp then the Gerrard was told to talk to the boss ‘ Reds ‘ quoted the SMS as a challenge for me at Anfield next month.  

” I’ve been in contact with Klopp already, like when you walk your dog and walk against each other and hit each other with your fists. ” 

” He also sent me a message saying that – look forward to embrace full of passion sideline – when Villa made a visit to Liverpool next month .” 

Check the calendar on 11 December . C . This game featured Gerrard as Boss ‘ lion rampant ‘ s homeland old when he created the title as captain.